Balloch Country Park

Balloch Country Park is a perfect place for a family day out! With lots of attractions suitable for everyone this is a very popular place during the summer.

The quiet, peaceful park with stunning views of Loch Lomond and plenty of space for dogs and children alike to run and explore. Shady nooks and coves are plentiful for picnics and pretty woodland paths for strolling and admiring the boats on the water. Be sure to take a ball for the dog – and a towel so you can paddle along the waters edge to cool off on a summers day. You could even practice your stone skimming skills! If you are lucky like I was you may even get the chance to watch the sea plane land or take off!


The park is perfect for kids as it has an adventure play area, which is completely enclosed, at the bottom of the hill right by the Loch. It also has a café right next to it so it’s perfect to sit at while your kids enjoy the play area.

Within the park there are loads of different attractions, they have Balloch Castle – which is worth seeing but there is actually not much left of the castle itself. However, there are a number of affiliated houses, including the gatehouses plus the ruins of the gamekeeper’s house.


The park is also located right next to some shops which are the perfect place to buy some food to take into the park and enjoy it on the large areas of grass with the views overlooking Balloch.


There are multiple trains that go to Balloch and the station is only around a 5 mintue walk from the entrance to the park.