Mugdock Country Park – Milngavie

Mugdock Country Park is perfect for a family day out – with plenty of different walks through this massive park, a quick bite to eat or one of the many activities they have going on, there are plenty of things to do that are suitable for all ages.


The only way to get to Mugdock park is by car (unless you like long walks), they have multiple free car parks round the park so there is always normally somewhere to park.

Things to do

Mugdock is full of activities to do, they have loads of different walks you can complete, which you can read about on their website (at the bottom of the page). You can also buy the maps for the walks in the shop at just a small fee of 50p.

These walks are very easy and gentle; you can choose how far you go as there are many paths that lead back to the main courtyard. You can take an easy walk around the beautiful reservoir right by the main courtyard, the perfect place for a dog walk!


(The path that goes through the park)

I recommend walking up to Mugdock Castle (around half way down the park); it’s a small ruin, with a lot of history to read inside the castle. It also has stunning view across the park.


(Mugdock Castle)

They have four different trails: the History, Tree, Easy Access Orienteering and Scavenger Hunt Trail. You can read all about them here:

Mugdock also has three small cafes and one of these can be found at the small garden centre. This has quite a lot of seating so perfect place to eat if the weather isn’t great, it also has view onto the gardens and reservoir.


(The Reservoir) 

There are a two more very small cafes in the courtyard that sell tea, coffee and basic food such as toasties and baked potatoes, however, there are very few seats inside but if the weather is nice the courtyard is a perfect place to sit outside and enjoy your snack.

If outdoor cooking is more your style, they also have the option to rent out an area for BBQ!

Mugdock also holds a lot of family activities suitable for all types of adventure! I used to attend loads of these when I was younger! It’s perfect for kids to spend a few hours away in the outdoors learning new things, ranging from Archery to Woodland Adventures; all of these activities are all really cheap (£5 or under… sometimes free) also not all require parent supervision!! Find out all the events they are holding here:


(Perfect place to walk on a sunny day!)

All photos taken on Sony a5100